TV Listings

Television Listings

Kenneth Copeland Network (Dish Network Ch.265 and DIRECTV CH.314)

Monday - Friday 5pm (CST) and 1:30am (CST)

Golden Eagle Broadcasting DirectV 363

Monday - Friday 5:30pm (CST)

Victory Television Network (Arkansas)

Monday - Friday 4:30pm (CST)

Wednesday at 1PM (CST)

Thursday at 8:30PM (CST)         

  • KVTN and KVTH in Little Rock, AR and Hot Springs, AR (coverage  throughout Arkansas)
  • KVTJ in Jonesboro, AR (coverage in Arkansas, southeast Missouri, and western Tennessee)
  • KVTJ in Memphis, TN (coverage in Tennessee)


Radio Station Listings


Augusta, GA | WRMK 100.3FM | 5:30PM eastern


Minneapolis, MN | WLKX 95.9FM | 6PM central


Lawton, OK | KJRF 91.1FM | 1PM  central


Brownwood, TX | KBUB 90.3FM | 1PM central


Pulaski, VA | WBLB 1340AM | 7:30AM eastern
Norfolk, VA | WYRM 1110AM | 5:45AM eastern


Radio Program also available online

Radio Program is also available on the Mark Hankins Ministries App - found in the App Store or on Google Play.