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God's Healing Word

Healing is God’s idea. In fact, in Exodus 15:26, God said, “I the Lord, am thy physician.” The medicine God prescribes is His Word. Proverbs 4:22 says, “For they (God’s Words) are life to those that find them and health to all their flesh.” The Hebrew word for health in this verse is marpe and literally means, medicine, remedy, and a cure. Many make the mistake of substituting their belief in healing for the actual taking of God’s medicine—His Word. They say, “I believe in healing,” without actually taking the medicine. What good would it do you to believe in water if you didn’t drink any? You would die of thirst.

The Word of God has been proven to heal, but must be taken according to directions. It is a healing agent; just as natural medicine is a healing agent or catalyst. There are several parallels between God’s medicine and natural medicine. The medicine itself contains the capacity to produce healing. God’s Word contains within it, the energy, the ability, and the nature to effect healing in your body. Psalm 107:20 says, “He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”

There are four simple steps that extract the power contained in God’s Word and will bring healing and a cure to anything.

Isaiah 55:10, 11 says the Word will accomplish what it was sent out to do because it contains the power to produce what it says. Just as when God said in Genesis, “Let there be light,” there was light. Healing scriptures contain within them the capacity to produce healing. Hebrews 4:12 says, “The Word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword….”  Jordan’s translation says, “God’s word is alive with energy....” The key to partaking of the life and healing energy in the Word is feeding on it until it penetrates your spirit, where it activates that life and energy.

We might say medicine is no respecter of persons; it will carry out its assignment in the body of any individual that takes it. However, the way each person’s body receives it affects its ability to heal. It is not a matter of whether God is willing to heal an individual, but whether the individual will receive healing by faith. We receive healing by taking the medicine that produces faith. God’s medicine works for anyone who takes it!

Most importantly, medicine must be taken according to directions to be effective. Some medicine labels read “take internally;” others say, “use externally.” To rub it on your body externally when the directions say to take it internally will not work. To take it occasionally when the directions say three times every day will mean limited results, if any. No matter how good the medicine is, it must be taken according to directions, or it will not work. The same is true with God’s medicine, His Word.

God’s prescription is found in Proverbs 4:20, 21: “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart.” Following the directions will cause the Word to get into the midst of your heart.

Notice that it is only as God’s Word abides in your heart that it produces healing in your body. Head knowledge won’t do it. His Word must penetrate your spirit through meditation (attending, hearing, looking, and pondering) to produce healing in your body. But once His Words do penetrate, they will surely bring health to all your flesh. Proverbs 4:20 says, “...let them penetrate deep within your heart (TLB).”

God’s way of healing is spiritual. Power ministers first to your spirit; it works in your soul (your mind, will and emotions) and then is distributed to your body. God’s medicine must be taken internally. In Mark 4, Jesus compared the Word of God to seeds planted in the ground of your heart. Like a natural seed, once it is planted, it needs water or repetition so it will sprout, grow, and develop fruit.

Remember that it takes time for medicine to work. Most people pay a high price for medication and are diligent to take it according to the directions. Do the same with God’s medicine: keep taking it and give it time to work. Listen, instead of wondering whether you have enough faith to be healed, just take the medicine. Feed on healing verses several times a day, repeating them over and over again to yourself. Instead of picturing yourself weak and sick begin painting a picture on the canvas of your mind of a healthy body. See yourself living life to the fullest. Nothing can substitute you personally opening your mouth to declare God’s Word. God’s medicine will work powerfully if you get it inside of you.


This month we want to offer you Pastor Trina’s book, God’s Healing Word. If you need healing or know someone who needs healing, this book is for you! It is full of testimonies, instruction, healing scriptures and confessions that will strengthen your faith to receive!

We are so thankful for our wonderful partners. We are making great progress on the MHM Conference Center. The steel is up, and the outside walls are almost finished. They are now working on the electrical, insulation, windows, doors, and AC. We are continuing to believe God for another $800,000 to finish this phase! We are excited about the people that will be reached with the Word of God through the Conference Center! Your partnership with the ministry is helping us press on with the vision to reach more people with the message of faith. We declare to you the same blessing Paul spoke over his partners in Philippi, “My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

In Christ,
Mark and Trina

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