TV & Radio Listings

Television Listings

Spirit Word Broadcast (South Africa)

Sunday at 5PM (CST)

Kenneth Copeland Network (Dish Network)

Sunday at 3:30AM (CST)

Monday at 5PM (CST)

Tuesday at 5PM (CST)

Thursday at 8:30AM (CST)

 Saturday at 7:30PM (CST)

  • DISH Network Channel 625
  • Roku Streaming Devices
Golden Eagle Broadcasting (Direct TV)

Sunday at 9:30PM (Central Time)

Wednesday at 7:00AM (Central Time) 

  • Tulsa, OK area channel KGEB TV - 53
  • Nationally on Direct TV channel 363 (Ch. available on Direct TV HD package) 

(Consult your local area cable provider for Golden Eagle Broadcasting channel in your area)

Victory Television Network

Thursday at 8:30PM (Central Time)         

  • KVTN and KVTH in Little Rock, AR and Hot Springs, AR (coverage  throughout Arkansas)
  • KVTJ in Jonesboro, AR (coverage in Arkansas, southeast Missouri, and western Tennessee)
  • KVTJ in Memphis, TN (coverage in Tennessee)

Radio Station Listings


Augusta, GA | WRMK 100.3FM | 5:30PM eastern


Minneapolis, MN | WLKX 95.9FM | 6PM central


Lawton, OK | KJRF 91.1FM | 1PM  central


Brownwood, TX | KBUB 90.3FM | 1PM central


Pulaski, VA | WBLB 1340AM | 7:30AM eastern
Norfolk, VA | WYRM 1110AM | 5:45AM eastern


Radio Program also available online

Radio Program is also available on the Mark Hankins Ministries App - found in the App Store or on Google Play.